New Mobile Phone – The HTC vivo V20


vivo V20 is soon to be the most modern phone in the Vivo brand. It is the largest phone in the Vivo V20 group which was introduced in September 2010. The phone from Vivo is thinner, lighter and packed with more features than its predecessors. The new phone has a powerful chipset and has been loaded with cutting edge software and instant OTA updates for all the latest handsets.

The all new vivo v20 has some unique features like an extended battery life which will enable you to enjoy your day even longer with all the mobility you need. You can easily walk from place to place with no problem and with an extra battery in the palm of your hand. With a large 3GB memory of memory in the handset, you can easily work with multiple applications and run multiple tasks simultaneously.

With the addition of a stunning front-mounted LED flashlight, the vivid camera which comes along with the vivo v20 is capable of capturing sharp images even in dimly lit surroundings. This is one the unique features of this smartphone which makes it stand apart from the others. The built in camera also supports OME flashcharged battery which promises you over two hours of talk time. This is how this cutting edge smartphone can keep you busy for long hours while you enjoy your every moment with it.

Along with the enhanced battery life, the other great feature of this smartphone is that the OME flashcharged battery life supports it with support for up to two hours of talk time. This means that you can talk on the phone for almost double the time as compared to the normal talk time with your normal handset. The built in HTC Snap photo capture kit is yet another feature of the vivo v20 which helps you to capture photographs and share them instantly with everyone around you. vivo v20

A large 3.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive smart scratch resistant screen is another notable feature of this smartphone which is touch sensitive to provide you with complete control on the functions of the handset. This touch sensitive screen has an extremely large display, the biggest amongst any smartphone in the present times. The vivo v20 offers you a large user interface along with an extensive variety of apps and games to keep you busy throughout the day. You can go from the classroom or office to the bus or train with ease and enjoy your journey with the help of the interactive GPS navigation facility.

On the other hand, the HTC vivo v20 has got an advanced secondary engine called the qualcomm snapdragon 720g. This superior version of the existing snapdragon series features the dual-core snapdragon processor together with an upgraded memory bank of both 1GB and 2GB. It is powered by the quad-core htc wildfire engine and includes an advanced Adreno series of mobile processors. The presence of such powerful options in the HTC vivo v20 makes it one of the most efficient mobile phones in the current market.

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